How to Discover Low-Cap Crypto Gems Using Moralis Money

How to Discover Low-Cap Crypto Gems Using Moralis Money

In this article, we will explore the process of finding low-cap cryptocurrency gems using Moralis Money, an effective tool for identifying promising coins in their early stages while minimizing the risk of scams. Market capitalization (market cap) will be discussed as a key metric for understanding a coin’s value and growth potential. By leveraging Moralis Money’s features and predefined search queries, investors can uncover new opportunities in the crypto market. However, it is essential to conduct thorough research and consider additional factors before making investment decisions.

Understanding Market Cap

Market capitalization represents the total value of a coin in circulation. It is calculated by multiplying the current market price by the total number of coins available. By assessing market cap, investors can gauge the amount of money invested in a particular coin. It also serves as an initial metric for evaluating the risk-reward ratio of an investment. Higher market cap coins may have limited growth potential, while lower market cap coins offer the possibility of significant gains but come with higher volatility.

Differentiating Market Cap and Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV)

It’s crucial to differentiate market cap from fully diluted valuation (FDV). Market cap considers only the coins in circulation, while FDV accounts for the total number of coins, including those not in circulation. When analyzing low-cap coins, it’s essential to focus on market cap rather than FDV to understand the actual investment potential.

Exploring Low-Cap Coins on Moralis Money

Moralis Money provides an excellent platform for discovering low-cap coins. By utilizing the predefined search queries available on the platform, investors can explore different categories of coins. These categories include new hot coins below a million market cap, coins with large Twitter followings, coins bought by experienced buyers on Polygon, and coins with surging liquidity. Each query incorporates specific metrics such as coin age, market cap, security score, and buyer activity, enabling users to filter and analyze potential investments effectively.

Analyzing Low-Cap Coins

When reviewing the list of low-cap coins generated by Moralis Money, it’s important to conduct further analysis before making investment decisions. Consider factors such as buyer activity, liquidity, social media presence, and transaction history.

Buyer Activity: Review the trends in buyer activity to gauge interest and identify potential price movements. Look for consistent or increasing buyer activity over time, indicating growing interest in the coin.

Liquidity: Assess the liquidity of the coin by examining the volume and depth of trading on various exchanges. Higher liquidity provides better opportunities for buying and selling the coin without significantly impacting its price.

Social Media Presence: Investigate the project’s social media presence, particularly on platforms like Twitter. A strong following and active community can indicate a more credible and promising project.

Transaction History: Analyze the coin’s transaction history to identify patterns and potential price trends. Look for stable or increasing transaction volumes and consider candlestick patterns on different time frames to gauge market sentiment.

Wallet Distribution: Use Moralis Money’s bubble maps to analyze wallet distribution. Smaller bubbles represent smaller individual holdings, which can indicate a more decentralized and stable market. Be cautious of large bubbles, as they may indicate concentrated ownership and potential market manipulation.

Consider the information above as a starting point for your research. It’s essential to delve deeper into each coin’s specific characteristics, such as project fundamentals, team expertise, whitepaper analysis, and community sentiment. By combining the insights gained from Moralis Money with comprehensive research, you can make more informed decisions when investing in low-cap coins.


Moralis Money provides a powerful tool for identifying low-cap cryptocurrency gems. By understanding market cap and leveraging predefined search queries, investors can discover potential investment opportunities. However, it is crucial to conduct thorough research, considering additional factors such as buyer activity, liquidity, social media presence, transaction history, and wallet distribution. Investing in low-cap coins carries higher risk but offers the possibility of significant rewards. Always remember to invest only what you can afford to lose and stay informed about the dynamic and ever-changing crypto market.

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